Chapter #9 Flirting Tactics to Get Her to Open Up and Smile

Chapter-9-Flirting-Tactics-to-Get-Her-to-Open-Up-and-SmileThe art of flirting is lost on many men, and mastering this art form makes you ten times more attractive to women than the average Joe. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to master the basics of flirting in the ways that appeal to women, and once you do, they’ll be all over you. The key to successful flirting is remembering that unlike men, women prefer subtlety over forwardness. While you might think that it’s awesome if a woman is direct about what she wants from you sexually, most women prefer to be warmed up slowly. They’ll be much more turned on by flattery, compliments, and coy references to sexual attraction than by rushing headlong into sharing fantasies or what you’d like to do to her in bed. Here are some tips for flirting on married dating sites, with married women.

Be Liberal With the Compliments

For mature married women, one of the best compliments they can receive is to hear that they look much younger than they actually are. Most women in this age bracket feel some fear and trepidation about getting older, and by telling them how young and attractive they are, you’ll be feeding into the exact feeling they’re hoping to get from an affair. Feel free to compliment anything about them that you find attractive, but don’t just lay on the compliments about their looks. Most women also want to hear about other things you find appealing about them, too. So take every opportunity to compliment her personality, whether it’s her great sense of humor, her intelligence, or how easy she is to talk to.

Play Shy

It might sound like a contradiction to say that while women love men who are strong, confident, and take charge, they also eat it up if you play shy, but hear me out. Nothing makes a woman feel sexier and more powerful than thinking that they have the power to make a confident, take charge kind of guy feel bashful. The way to keep your persona as a guy with great self-esteem while playing shy is to make it something unique to her. You can say something like, “Usually I’m not shy around women, but you’re so beautiful, you leave me feeling a little bit tongue tied.” This will make her feel like even though you’re good with women, she possesses something special that most of them don’t have.

Be Sexy Without Being Crass

Sexy to women is different than sexy to men. Sexual flirtation done right isn’t about telling her how you want to nail her, or that you’re so talented at going down on women you’ll give her the best orgasms she’s ever experienced. In fact, most women will find that sort of talk to be a total turn-off unless they’ve initiated the dirty talk, or you’re already sexually involved. Instead of going down that road, tell her that her lips are so full and sensual, you’re wondering what it will be like to kiss her. Instead of focusing on her boobs or ass, remark on her great shoulders or legs, which are erogenous, but not totally sexual.

In the end, the art of flirting is really the art of the slow burn. It’s all about compliments and building anticipation. This not only makes her feel special and desirable, it also piques her curiousity, leaving much to the imagination. It is more sweet and teasing than dirty and raunchy. Most guys make the dire mistake by flirting with women in the way they’d like to be flirted with. Take advantage of this by being the dude who gets it right.