Chapter #7 How to Hook Her with Just an Email

Chapter-7-How-to-Hook-Her-with-Just-an-EmailIn order to meet married women for affairs, first you have to make enough of an impression online for them to want to see you in person. If you’re worried that you’ve never been that smooth with women, you can relax. There’s no magical quality that some guys possess and you lack. I’m going to show you the foolproof way to hook her with just an email. When you follow this simple, formulaic process, most of the women you communicate with will be tripping all over themselves to hook up with you.

Make Her the Focus

When you’re sending email messages to a woman you’re hoping to have an affair with, it’s natural to fall into the habit of making yourself the topic. It might be natural, but it’s also a big mistake! It’s okay to talk about yourself a little bit, of course, but try to make the woman the focus of your communication. All women enjoy being the center of attention. It makes them feel special. It’s true of all women, but it’s especially true of lonely housewives that feel neglected and unappreciated by their husbands. Compliment her. Tell her what caught your eye about her profile. Be specific. She’ll know if you’ve actually paid attention and are talking to something that’s about her in particular, or if it’s a random, generic compliment you could throw at a hundred different women who have nothing in common, other than that they’re breathing.

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Be Gentlemanly

If it sounds weird to you to have to act like a gentleman when you’re talking to a woman who is looking for an affair, it’s because you’re thinking like a guy! Women are different. At least in the beginning, most of them won’t want to receive a raunchy email full of sexually explicit details about what you’ll do for her when you hook up. Most guys don’t get the memo on this, and these are exactly the type of messages women on affair websites are used to receiving day in and day out. By the simple act of being restrained and mature, you’ll actually stand out as a more attractive choice than the other men sending her messages.

Make Her Laugh

Laughter is an incredible aphrodisiac. Find something witty and relevant to say in your email, and you’re in like Flynn. If you don’t have the best sense of humor and your jokes always bomb, enlist the help of a funny friend for some good one liners. Just make sure that whatever you say is truly funny, and doesn’t make you look like a giant idiot. Remember, you’re dealing with a woman, not your buddies at the bar.

Talk About Valuing Discretion and Respecting Privacy

One of the single most important things you can communicate to a married woman looking for an affair is how much you value discretion and will respect her privacy. Assuming that since you’re reading this, you’re married too, I’m sure you’ll mean it. By offering up what you’re hoping to get from her, you’ll set the tone and the precedent for all of your future interactions.

Crafting the email to hook a mature, married woman for an affair isn’t rocket science, but since so few men actually take the time to do it, it will make you stand out from the rest. By mastering these few simple steps, you’ll discover that the process of getting women to meet up with you is easier than you ever dreamed, and it isn’t a matter of luck. It’s a simple process that works, so don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel, trying to figure out some secret formula that doesn’t exist. We’ve already figured it out, now all you have to do is implement it.