Chapter # 5 How to Detect Married Women Willing to Meet Up Quickly

Chapter-5-How-to-Detect-Married-Women-Willing-to-Meet-Up-QuicklyWhen you’re looking to meet married women using married dating sites, you don’t want to waste a lot of time with back and forth online communication. You want to get laid, ASAP. Since the goal isn’t to build a lasting relationship built on love and shared interests, dragging things out this way is utterly worthless. Not only that, but statistically speaking, the more time passes between the first online communication and meeting in person, the less likely it is that you’ll ever hook up with the woman. In order to help you avoid all of that, I’m going to walk you through how to detect the married women willing to meet up quickly.

They Say it Outright

Some women are bolder than others. The most outgoing will state outright in their profiles that they are looking to hook up quickly. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon these women in your searches, jump on the opportunity immediately. When a woman is that outspoken about her need to for immediate sex, you’ll probably be in bed with her within twenty-four hours of sending the first message. While these women are kind of a rare find, they do exist, and there’s something else you should know about them… Not only are they the surest bet for fast sex, usually when women are that outspoken online about their sexual desires, they’re great in bed, because they’re not shy about going after what they want.

They Drop Major Availability Clues

Another good way to go about finding the women who will meet up with you for sex right away is by watching for the availability clues they drop. These women might not be so bold as to say they’ll meet you for sex at the drop of a hat, but they use adjectives like bored and lonely to describe themselves, indicating that they have a lot of free time they’d like to fill up. Other women will talk about their husbands traveling a lot or working long hours. When you see these types of clues, you know that the chances are high that you’ve found a woman eager to make herself available to you for quick sex.

Miserable Wives Make Wonderful Mistresses

Last, but certainly not least, look for the women who are clearly miserable at home. You might be thinking to yourself that all married women looking for affairs are miserable at home, but think again. Some women looking for affairs are perfectly happy at home. They love their husbands. They might even like spending a lot of time with them and consider themselves very fulfilled, overall. They just like some sexual variety and excitement from time to time. For these women, affairs are just nice little extras, not necessities, so they might not be as readily available. Your best bets for fast and regular sex are the women whose profiles clearly indicate that they are totally unhappy in their marriages. Usually, they are only staying for one of two reasons. Financial stability or because there are children involved. When a woman can’t stand her husband, whether it’s because they have nothing in common, she finds him annoying, or she feels neglected by him, she’ll be out the door to meet you in no time flat.

This might seem like a lot to remember, but before long you’ll be able to sniff out the married women willing to meet up quickly like a bloodhound can sniff out a rabbit. You’ll move from carefully reviewing each profile for clues to being able to give them a quick scan and knowing in an instant whether she’s worth pursuing.