Chapter #3 Diversify Your Portfolio: Always Use Multiple Married Dating Sites

Chapter-3-Diversify-Your-Portfolio-Always-Use-Multiple-Married-DatingOne of the best ways to ensure that you are able to quickly and easily meet married women for the type of hot affairs you’re dreaming of is to diversify your portfolio by using multiple married dating sites. By having profiles on several sites like: Ashleymadison, LonelyWivesClub, and AffairsClub, you’ll not only be able to find an affair quickly, you’ll be able to have more than one affair at a time if you want. You’ll also be able to be much more selective, hooking up only with the women you find the most appealing.

Choosing the Right Number of Sites

While choosing the right number of sites is a personal decision that will vary somewhat from one guy to the next, there is a general sweet-spot range you should try to stick with. Most men go to one extreme or the other. Either they only sign up for one site and don’t have as many options as they’d like, or they take on too many and get bombarded with more women than they could ever possibly handle. In general somewhere between three and five memberships is perfect. Since most of the best sites will allow you to pay for membership one month at a time, you can always add or subtract as time passes and you figure out how many sites you want to use to meet lonely housewives. – SEE OUR APPROVED LIST TOP MARRIED DATING SITES

Streamlining the Process

If you think that it sounds like too much work to set up profiles on multiple married dating sites, remember that you don’t have to start from scratch! Once you’ve set up one excellent profile, the rest will only involve a few minutes of cutting and pasting. There’s typically very little, if any, overlap of women trying to find an affair from one site to the next, so it’s not like anyone is going to know or care that you’ve got multiple profiles that look the same!

Create a Separate Email Account Just for Married Dating Sites

With multiple memberships to married dating sites, your inbox will be seeing a lot of action. In order to keep track of it all, and to avoid your extramarital activities getting intermingled with your daily life email, it’s best to set up an email account that you use only for finding affairs and communicating with the women you meet online. This will help you stay on top of all your correspondences so you don’t miss out on hooking up with hot women you’re interested in pursuing. As an added benefit, this separate, secret email account will add a degree of security, making it less likely that your affairs will be discovered by your wife.

An Ever-Expanding Pool of Women

The goal of diversifying your affair portfolio with the use of multiple online memberships is to create an ever-expanding pool of women from which to choose. While this might seem especially important for men who want multiple sex partners at the same time, it’s actually every bit as important for guys who only want one affair at a time. Why? Because you never know when an affair will draw to its natural end. Maybe you’ll get bored. Maybe she will. Or maybe you’ll be having an affair that seems good enough, but then a woman ten times hotter will come along, and you’ll be more than happy to call it off with the first chick to start something with the hotter prospect. The bottom line is that choice equals power. The more options you have at any given time, the more happy and satisfied you’re going to be with the affairs you have.