Chapter # 2 How to Avoid Getting Caught

Chapter-2-How-to-Avoid-Getting-CaughtYou don’t need to be married to meet and hook up with other married women. However this step is designed to help those men that are from getting caught. Aside from scams, you next biggest fear is probably getting caught. Let me reassure you that this is a totally avoidable situation, but only if you take the advice laid out here. Most men get caught because most men make the same mistakes. They get lazy. They’re not careful. They don’t cover their tracks. Commit these tips to memory, and you’ll never get caught.

There are 4 mistakes almost every man makes when having an affair…

  • Forget to delete their browser history or don’t know how to.
  • Forget to delete phone call/SMS logs or don’t know how to.
  • Use a bank card to sign-up for a married dating site.
  • Forget to delete IM chat logs or don’t know how to.

Meet Married Women Online

This is the easiest, yet most important thing you can do to avoid getting caught. When you find an affair in the typical ways, at work, through friends, or god forbid, people you and your wife know together, you are bound to get caught. The only way to keep an affair truly secret is to have a wide degree of separation between your lover and your everyday life. Stick to sites like:, and only hook up with women who have zero connection to your life, and chances are next to none that your wife and your lover will ever cross paths. Never use a bank card or shared credit card to sign up for these sites. Instead, purchase a prepaid debit card (that you keep hidden from your wife) just for these expenses.

Lock Down Your Electronics

Your laptop, your cell phone, anything you use to meet married women and communicate with your fling should be password protected, and even then, make sure you’re deleting your browser history every single time you log on. Suspicious wives snoop. Period. It’s up to you to make that as close to impossible as you can. The last thing you need is for your wife to end up poking around and discovering your profile.

Delete Your History On EVERYTHING

Getting sloppy about deleting evidence is one of the number one way people get caught cheating. Delete your browser history every single time you use your computer. The same goes for Instant Messenger, phone logs, and texts. Don’t get lazy just because your computer and phone are password protected! Trust us, there will be one time you walk away from the screen for just a minute, and that will be the one time your wife decides to use it! Below are links that will show you exactly how to delete all your browsing history on the 3 most popular web browsers.

Erase All Traces of Your Affair Before Heading Home

Think like a private investigator, look for clues, and eliminate them. Nearly every woman pokes around in her husband’s belongings, even if they’re not suspicious that they’re being cheated on. You’ve got to get rid of the not just the glaringly obvious like hotel room key cards, but the ones you’d never ordinarily notice, like a random hair that isn’t hers on your clothes or in your car. Women tend to be much more observant than guys about this type of thing, and it won’t take long at all for your wife to sniff out an affair if you overlook these things.

The Cell Phone Dilemma

A lot of guys choose to purchase a cheap prepaid cell phone to communicate with women when they’re having affairs. This makes it much less likely that your wife will stumble upon texts or voicemails you’d rather keep to yourself. This is especially useful if you keep the cell somewhere other than at home. We know men who leave them in their office desk and only use them during work breaks, guys who store them in the gym locker and use their workout time to respond, or turn off the volume and keep them hidden away in a work bag/briefcase that their wife never bothers to look through because it’s always just boring work papers. If you choose to use your actual cell, remember our advice about deleting call logs and text messages immediately. You’ll also want to be sure not to store the woman’s name in your phone, or give her a male pseudonym.

Phone Call/SMS Logs

If you do give out your personal cell phone number witch we are not in favor of, you must be incredibly careful. Do NOT give them out unless the woman is married as well as also stands to have something to lose. If the woman is not, always use a burner phone. Once your affair partner does has your number, make sure you two have an agreement on when to text or call and respect this agreement. Here are some important safety tips to follow

  • Never add her real name to your contacts, use a generic Male name or a name of a male from work to replace hers.
  • Remove every conversation you have with her immediately after the conversation finishes, even if it’s something as simple as “hi, how are you”
  • Always keep track of where your cell phone is just in case your affair sends you a random text. Don’t want the wife to be the recipient of the text!
  • If you are using an Apple Iphone insure message preview is turned off – How To Turn Off Message Preview – With it turned off, only the name of the person who sent the text will appear on the home screen, not the first few lines of the message.
  • Place your phone on silent at all times. Nothing sparks your wife’s suspicions more than having your phone constantly go off. Keep it on silent that way you can check and reply to messages at your leisure.

Getting Caught Is Not Inevitable

While it is true that almost all men and women having affairs get caught, it is also true that this is a totally avoidable scenario. It’s only due to carelessness. If you follow the steps we have outlined here, and share them information with the married woman you’re sleeping with so she can take the same steps to prevent her husband from catching on, you’ll get away with it every single time. You deserve to have a fulfilling sex life, so make sure your wife doesn’t have any reason to question your fidelity, and you can have the best of both worlds.