Chapter #1 Common Married Dating Site Scams

Chapter-1-Common-Married-Dating-Site-ScamsBefore you dive into the world of married dating sites, you’ve got to make sure you’re hip to the most common scams, so you don’t end up getting suckered. The sad fact is that most websites advertising mature, married women looking for affairs are scams. There are tons of them out there, and even legit sites will have an occasional scammer slip through the cracks, but once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be totally scam-proof and can get on with the fun of finding cheating wives who are eager to hook up with men like you.

Stick to the Tried and True Married Dating Sites

Our team members have joined damn near every married dating site on the web. We found that the following sites are the very best out there.

All of the guys in our testing group were able to find an affair quickly and easily on these sites, and reported that there were minimal fake profiles and con artists infiltrating the site… and when they did pop up, they were quickly removed. Clearly, these are the sites that are the most invested in user experience.

Attack of the Pay-Per-View WebCam MILF

It pays to remember that when it comes to meeting mature, married women online, you’ll meet some lovely ladies, but it’s unlikely that they’re going to look like the MILF in your favorite porno. When a woman looks too good to be true, she probably is. The seductive looking women with airbrushed pictures are oftentimes just there as link bait to lure you to a pay per session webcam sex site. Not only will none of these women ever meet you in person for sex, once you get to the cyber-sex site, you might even find that the woman in the picture doesn’t actually exist there! They’re hoping you’ll be desperate enough to stick around and pay to get off looking at a naked woman online. This is not the point of hookup sites! You want to meet married women for real, in person sex. Whenever you meet someone online who gives you a link to another site, move on immediately.

They Aren’t Lonely Housewives, They’re Hookers

Another common scam using pictures of porn-star or supermodel quality women involves hookers and escorts. Some of them are so blatant that you’ll know as soon as you begin chatting, because they won’t even try to hide it. They might even quote you a price. Don’t fall for it. There are plenty of real lonely housewives willing to have sex for free. You don’t have to pay a hooker. The more subtle ones are still pretty easy to spot. First of all, avoid the too good to be true pictures. Second of all, take the time to read the profiles. Real cheating wives will have at least a bit of personal information, while hooker profiles tend to be barren, other than talking about how they love to please men. When chatting with a real woman, she might be eager to meet you in person, but she’ll probably want to take a little bit of time to get to know you so she feels comfortable, and she’ll want to meet in a public place for safety reasons. If she talks about sex, she’ll probably talk about what she likes. Hookers, on the other hand, won’t care to know anything about you, will want to meet at a hotel or in a remote area, and sex talk will be all about what she can do for you.

She Needs You to Send Money

Be wary whenever you’re contacted by a woman living far away who claims she’s dying to have an affair with you. What usually follows is that she’ll tell you how great the sex is going to be, how you’re the only man she’s met on the site that she can imagine having an affair with, etc… and then she’ll tell you a story about why she needs you to send her money. When you’re on a dating site geared towards meeting married ladies, the two most common stories are that she needs you to pay so her husband won’t notice the money that disappeared and put a stop to the whole thing, or she’ll claim that she’s fleeing an abusive situation and is going to start a new life in your area, where she’ll be free to mess around with you whenever you want her. She will probably offer to pay you back when you meet in person. Only you’ll never meet in person. Your money will be gone, and so will the overseas con artist who stole it.

If you’re freaking out reading about these scams, you can relax. Now that you know about them, you’ll never be a victim. You’ll be able to spot them a mile away… and if you stick with the sites we recommend, you’ll rarely, if ever, come in contact with any of these scammers.