Why Married Women Make Better Affair Partners Than Single Women

Why Married Women Make Better Affair Partners Than Single WomenSmart people put a lot of thought into having an affair before they ever even pick their partner. It starts as a little tickle in the back of your mind and then progresses into something you can’t stop thinking about. Especially if you already have someone in mind. The single most important issue in an affair is your partner and if you can fully trust her. One of the factors that goes into that is if she is married or single. There is no question that married women make better, safer, affair partners than single women.

Married women make great affair partners for any number of reasons. They have the same agenda you to, for one thing. They don’t want to get caught any more than you do. They have more going on romantically. Single women have only one – you. Married women have families, obligations and responsibilities. Single women have to answer only to themselves mostly. There are many valid reasons married women make better affair partners than singles.

Look For The Lonely Housewife To Start An Affair

Married women are married obviously, but think about what that means in relation to what you need. If you’re involved in an affair, you want to keep it quiet. If anyone finds out word could get back to your wife or family and mean divorce. That goes for your married affair partner too. If people find out, her marriage could blow up. You both have something to lose. Believe it or not, single women have been known to purposely tell wives what they’ve been up to in an attempt to get the guy all to herself.

Married Women Have Something To Loose

Married women have too much of their own lives on the line. Since marriages often entail children and responsibilities to other people, it’s harder to walk away. Married women not only have a husband and marriage but often children, in-laws, jobs and responsibilities that cannot be shrugged off. Single women have fewer complications in their lives and are more apt to want you to make the affair public.

Single women are not as discreet as married women. They have nothing to hide and no one to hide it from. They aren’t used to being sneaky or secretive. While they may not necessarily mean to let the cat out of the bag, they aren’t as adept at keeping secrets and knowing what to say and what not to say. Some single women will not be as alert to people following you or trying to extricate extra information.

A Mature Woman Is A Best In Bed

Married women make better affair partners for more animalistic reasons too. Women who have been married for a while are more comfortable in their bodies and accustomed to how to make it feel good. They are familiar with a man’s body too and not afraid to touch you in sexual ways that some single women would be reticent to try. When a woman is in a long time relationship, she learns things about her body that younger, less experienced women do not know yet. Long marriages give women the opportunity to experiment with their bodies and sex. The become connoisseurs of the art of sex.

Married women are also able to compartmentalize easier, making them better able to emotionally handle an affair. Long marriages make people expert in conflict avoidance and the ability to compartmentalize life’s issues until a better time and place to deal with them comes along. This is an excellent tool to use to avoid emotionally breaking down to your spouse about the affair. Married women can place the affair in one part of their mind and their marriage in another part and not confuse the two.

Married Women Know When An Affair Has Run Its Course

Finally, married women are not the type to want to drag things out. They aren’t going to want to leave their husband and start a new life. They aren’t going to bug you for weeks or months or even years to leave your wife. When the affair grown stale and feels stagnant, married women will be content to say their goodbyes and move on. Most married women have affairs to fill a hole in their lives. Boredom, complacency, and emotional abandonment can cause an affair but in the same vein, when the marital relationship heals, she will be willing to return to it full force.

Married women make better affair partners for many reason but what it all boils down to is she has as much to lose as you do. She knows the ropes and how to play the game and you don’t have to worry about her pulling any punches. Choosing a married woman to have an affair with is a choice for a woman who understands what you’re going through and can relate. Its always better to have an affair with a woman who can understand you on a personal level.

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