Why Married Women Are So Much More Vulnerable

Why-Married-Women-Are-So-Much-More-VulnerableIf you are looking for a sure thing you may be looking in the wrong places (Give Married Dating A Try). We often make the mistake of thinking that there are hot available women in the bar who are just dying to have sex with us. The truth is that single women have so many options available to them, and the self-confidence to be discriminate, that your odds of finding one for just sex are very limited. The best type of woman to target for a sure thing is a married woman. Why are married women the best people to have sex with? A married woman is more likely to be vulnerable and lonely which is exactly what you should target when looking to get lucky.

What is the difference between a single woman and a married woman?

The biggest difference between a single woman and a married woman, besides the fact that one is married and one is not, is their self-confidence. Married women who are looking for men are doing so because they are dissatisfied in their marriage and with their husband. When men and women get married it is not uncommon for the man to stop paying attention to his wife the way that he used to. Women define themselves by the attention that they get from the men in their lives. If you find a married woman who is being ignored by her husband her self-confidence is probably very low. Although bad for her, that can be good for you.

Many married women are looking to make sure that they are still attractive to men. If you want to find a sure thing, a married woman is the best target. She is going to be feeling very vulnerable and wanting some man to prove to her that she is still sexually attractive. If you show her some attention she is likely to want to get to some more. The best thing about a married woman is that she isn’t going to care if you like her personally. She wants only one thing from you and that is to know that you find her physically attractive. If you don’t think she is smart, she couldn’t care less.

A married woman isn’t saying that she just wants one thing and waking up in the morning asking for your phone number, she really just wants one thing. If you show her the slightest bit of attention and tell her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, she will follow you anywhere. To a single woman fawning all over her is probably going to get irritating and isn’t something that she necessarily needs, because she probably gets it all the time from other guys. A married woman barely hears how beautiful she is. She barely hears that she is sexy or that someone can’t wait to have sex with her. The truth is that if she did hear it all the time she wouldn’t be looking outside of her relationship at all.

Married woman are more vulnerable because they want to believe what you say. Whether they think you are feeding them a line or not, they don’t care. Out of all the girls that you could have chosen in the bar they are just happy that you chose them. That makes an instant open for you. Not many men are going to approach a married woman. Not because she isn’t beautiful, but because most men have a respect for the sanctity of marriage. What they don’t realize, and you do, is that if she was happy and secure in her marriage you wouldn’t be doing anything wrong. You would just be boosting her self-confidence which is a nice thing to do.

The next time you are in a bar and looking for someone to hookup with maybe try a different tactic. Look for the beautiful woman who is standing alone, behaving like a wingman. Chances are good you will find a wedding ring on her finger. It doesn’t hurt to at least try to get her into bed. Being more vulnerable, you may actually be doing her a favor and making a difference in her miserable life. Like liberating her from her bad choices, you can breathe new life into her and make her believe she deserves something better from the man she is with.

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