Why Married Women Are Better In the Sack With Strangers

Why-Married-Women-Are-Better-In-the-Sack-With-StrangersIf you’re seeking an affair, there are a lot of reasons you should choose a married woman over a single one for your extramarital activities. One of the most important ones is that married women are better in the sack with strangers than single women. Since the reason you’re considering dating a married woman is almost certainly for sexual satisfaction, this matters!

Married Women Have More Experience

While nothing is always 100% true, chances are higher than not that any mature, married woman you meet online will have significantly more experience with pleasing men in bed than a single one will. Women are different creatures than men, and while single, sex tends to be less frequent and more sporadic for them. Oftentimes, it isn’t until they’re married that they start having sex on a regular, frequent schedule. Plus, even if an unmarried woman has had a lot of sex, she probably isn’t as skilled, because boyfriends and flings are usually so grateful to be getting some action that they wouldn’t dare offer her feedback about how she could improve her skills. Husbands and wives, on the other hand, tend to get more honest about this sort of thing and are more open about talking about what works and what doesn’t. A woman in her 40s and has been pleasuring her husband for ten or twenty years probably has it down to a science.


They’re Sexually Frustrated

A married woman seeking an affair is far more likely than a single one to be sexually frustrated. This is terrible news for her husband, but great news for you. It means she’ll be voracious and ready to devour you by the time you get her in bed. A horny, unsatisfied woman typically performs fantastically, giving at least as well as she gets. Plus, if she’s been sex deprived, she won’t want a ten minute quickie followed by a nap. No, she’ll probably screw your brains out for as long as you can keep up with her.

Mature, Married Women are Less Inhibited

By the time a mature, married woman has made the decision to go against social conventions and morals to have an affair, she’s already shown that she is willing to be bold and uninhibited. This means that she’ll be more willing to let loose in bed with a stranger. If you want a woman willing to have sex in crazy places, act out fantasies, try new positions or acts, talk dirty, or take control of you, a mature, married woman is much more likely to deliver the goods than a single woman. Younger women tend to care more about things like how they look or sound during sex, and are more prone to hang-ups. Sex is way more pleasurable for men when the woman they’re with is excited about experimentation and willing to throw herself into the experience with wild abandon.

Don’t Use Sex With Your Wife As a Barometer

It’s important for you to realize that your sex life with your wife might be lacking, but that in no way indicates that sex with other men’s wives will suck. Maybe your sex life with your wife is lackluster because you’ve fallen into a routine that’s as uninspiring to her as it is to you, or maybe you’ve just been having sex with each other for far too long for it to hold any excitement due to over-familiarity. The women you hook up with might have similar sex lives with their husbands, yet sex with you will be fantastic for both of you! The elements of risk and newness collide to create an incredible sexual synergy that typically only happens during an affair between two married people.

Her Discretion Makes Sex More Enjoyable For You

The last, but maybe most important, point I want to cover is discretion. Married women are much more discreet about their affairs than single women, and are going to protect your privacy in ways that make it far less likely that you have to worry about your wife catching you. While you might think that since this isn’t about sexual technique it’s a stretch to include it in this article, you’d be wrong. The reason this makes married women better in the sack with strangers is that it allows you to fully relax and get into the experience. When you aren’t terrified that the woman you’re sleeping with will blow your cover, you can fully enjoy the sex without your worries about getting caught. Some guys get so nervous about their affairs being revealed that they can’t even get it up! When you know that the woman is as invested as keeping it a secret as you are, your affair won’t be marred by that little black raincloud of fear hovering over your head.

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