Who Cheats More Men or Women?

Who-Cheats-MoreYou might be thinking to yourself that this is a no-brainer. Men! Of course men cheat more, right? When we think of marriages ending due to affairs, most of our associations come from cultural stereotypes about cheating husbands. We’ve also all read the studies about men being biologically hardwired to cheat, so we feel like we understand how the world of infidelity works. Men cheat, women are faithful. With rare exception, that’s how the world works. As it turns out, everything we though we knew about cheating and gender is wrong.

A Lot of Men Do Cheat

Let’s start with the one part of the equation that’s actually true. A lot of men do cheat on their wives. A whole lot. In fact, estimates vary a lot from one study group to the next, but looking at the big picture, it is estimates that nearly 70% of all men will cheat on their wives at some point in their marriage. That’s almost ¾ of the married males in the world, which equals a whole lot of men! Despite societal expectations, this proves that cheating is actually more normal than fidelity. Men who manage to stay faithful to their wives are an anomaly, and usually a very unhappy anomaly. (Cheating Statistics From Fox News)

The Numbers for the Women

You’re probably not dying of shock over the number of men who cheat on their wives, but now we’re going to talk about the women. The numbers on this one might blow your mind. Recent estimates indicate that over the course of a lifetime, approximately 74% of all women have affairs. Yes, it’s true, the women are having extramarital affairs at a rate that is higher than the men. So much for the theory that women are designed to be faithful.

How Did This Happen?

While no one knows for certain how our perceptions versus reality got so out of whack, but there are a lot of good theories. One theory is that women were biologically wired for fidelity, but with increasing lifespans and a decreasing need to produce prolific offspring, women are evolving. Another theory is that as society is changing and women are receiving more rights and are becoming freer to express themselves as sexual being, they are becoming more like the guys in this regard. Not only are behaviors changing due to changing societal norms, but so is the openness around discussing these behaviors. Thirty years ago, even if a woman had an affair, she would have probably been too ashamed to admit it, even in an anonymous study. The third theory is that women have historically been better at hiding their affairs. Since men get caught all the time and women rarely do, it skewed the results regarding what we thought we knew about cheating.

What This Means for Men

Some husbands reading this article might feel alarmed by this information. In fact, it might make you feel a little bit panicked, even if you’ve cheated yourself. Most men like to imagine that their wives are totally devoted to them and would never seek sex elsewhere, even if they’re doing the exact same thing. There’s another way of looking at it, though. Think about the fact that this means you can totally drop the guilt about cheating on your wife. If she hasn’t already cheated on you, chances are higher than not that she will in the future. It also means that when you sign up for married dating sites to seek affairs with married women, you’re not going to have a hard time finding what you’re looking for. Going purely on statistics, the good sites will have a great male to female ration that will make it easy for you to find an affair.


Changing the Face of Cheating

The face of cheating is changing across the globe. It’s no longer the shameful domain of men, along with the occasional harlot here and there. It’s an almost equal split between males and females, comprised of slightly more women than men. Women are cheating and turning to married dating sites, in much higher numbers than anyone ever imagined until now, and the fact that cheating is taking place amongst such high numbers for both men and women proves what many of us have believed to be true all along. Cheating is normal. It’s monogamy that’s weird. Over time, this might change the way we view and discuss marriage. In a decade or two, we might do away with the concept of cheating all together, and it will just be accepted that married people will have many sexual partners throughout the course of their relationship. Until then, the least you can do is let yourself off the hook for any misplaced guilt or shame you’ve been feeling. You haven’t done anything wrong, and sooner or later, this fact will be openly accepted by society as a whole.

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