Signs Your Affair Has Emotional Baggage

Signs Your Affair Has Emotional BaggageEmotional baggage is vernacular used to describe unresolved emotional issues from the past. It’s looked at as a detriment and is generally a long lasting issue. That is not to say that it can’t be overcome. It certainly can and while time consuming, takes only patience and understanding to accomplish. Emotional baggage can come from a whole slew of sources ranging from the uncomfortable to the traumatic. She won’t come right out and tell you about the things she carries around in her head, that’s up to you to find out. Luckily, there are some sure-fire signs you can keep a look-out for that will point to an excess of emotional baggage. Once you spot the signs you can weigh out the pro’s and con’s and decide if it’s worth the effort.

The Phone is Always in Her hand

Most women today have a Smartphone at the ready at all times. Phones are used for so much more than communication these days it isn’t unusual and let’s face it, when you’re in an extramarital affair there are always times that you absolutely must take the call. There are, however, some tell-tale phone signs that will always signal emotional baggage. If you come home from work, or get out of the shower, or walk in from the BBQ grill and she is having a deep conversation complete with tears and hushed voices but quickly straightens up and ends the conversation when you walk in, something’s up and you can bet she isn’t planning you a surprise party. What’s really happening is she facing all the deep dark secrets you don’t know about. Think about the benefits of keeping it that way.

Bad Habits

Does she compulsively eat, drink or wash her hands? Does she smoke like a freight train, stay up all night or display signs of an obsessive disorder? These are all signs that she has some unchecked emotional issues brewing under that gorgeous surface. Studies have shown women will become obsessive-compulsive when faced when unchecked emotional issues. It’s true that many people develop these behaviors for other reasons and it doesn’t always pose a problem, but if emotional issues go unchecked for too long they fester and cause problems in all areas of life.


She is Her Own Woman – Always

Women who are carrying around a lot of emotional baggage are often a bit cold and emotionally distant. They can be kind and caring and even sexual and erotic but you get the feeling that she shuts it off at some point. Extramarital affairs must be devoid of a certain amount of emotion but you should still be able to feel a longing from her or a sense that she could care so much more about you if she could only let herself. If you’re missing this, you may be courting a woman with serious baggage issues. Another sign is fierce independence. It’s true many women in this century are more independent than women have ever been but if it seems more like she is afraid to be dependent than its important personally for her to stand on her own two feet, that’s a red flag.
The opposite could also be true. If she is clingy, needy and afraid to lose you despite your unusual relationship, that’s another red flag. Women involved in extramarital affairs tend to keep those relationships relatively casual and free from strings to avoid any hindrance in their own lives. Micromanaging your life and acting as if there isn’t two significant other people silently involved in the relationship is a sign she has emotional baggage she is trying to drag you into.
Another sure sign is that she questions your every move but refuses to discuss her own past. Questioning even your courteous actions and kind gestures is a sure sign she is dealing with some baggage. If she can’t see a kind action for what it is, there is a lot there that you aren’t seeing. She has a lot of questions, but no answers when you ask about her past. That is a red flag you should not ignore. There is something in her past that she doesn’t think you can handle. That is never good.
Knowing these signs, signals and red flags of emotional baggage is a good deterrent. Some can be considered normal behavior so be sure to keep them in context. An over-abundance of any of these signs proves that there is further thought needed in the relationship.

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