Signs It’s Time To End Your Affair With A Married Woman

Signs Its Time To End Your Affair With A Married WomanHaving an affair with a married woman can bring a man pleasure, happiness and fulfillment. However, these affairs needed to be treated like real relationships. And like most relationships, they end at some point. If you find yourself having difficulties in a relationship with a married woman, keep these behaviors and thoughts in mind:

#1 – She Doesn’t Value Your Time
What you may find over time is that she begins to treat your precious time with less and less value. Maybe she has been flaking quite a bit as of late. Maybe she texts you all day only to realize that her husband is taking her out to dinner. When you get involved with a married woman, understand that you are never going to have her undivided attention and admiration. Even if she doesn’t love her husband, she is still married to him and has to keep up appearances. There’s a good chance that when you got involved with this woman, you weren’t expecting a whole lot. But oftentimes men get even more than they bargained for (and not in a good way). Don’t let a woman ever waste your time. Even if she is an amazing woman, she needs to value you as more than just the ‘other man’. If she can’t do that then it may be time to leave.

#2 – She’s Using You Financially
A lot of men dream of starting a relationship with a married woman, so that she can shower him with gifts using her husband’s money. This rarely happens. In fact, a lot of women seek out men to buy them the things that her husband won’t. Spending money on women is an easy way to get their attention, but the problem is that you have to keep spending in order to keep them around. If you find yourself draining your bank account to keep a married women happy, then you may want to think twice about your relationship.

#3 – Her Husband is Becoming Suspicious
If a married woman gets caught cheating, that’s her problem not yours. However, if you’re a half decent human being you’d rather do what you contain to preserve a marriage. That said if you or her get the suspicion that the husband is getting suspicious than you need to evaluate whether or not you should move forward.

#4 – She is Getting too Emotionally Attached
Along with gifts, men expect lots of great sex with married women; and not much else. When married women start to show feelings and intimacy with a man other than their husband, men get concerned. It’s not what they bargained for, and don’t want things to continue for several reasons. If you want to develop an emotional relationship with her, that’s one thing. But realize that she is married and that you are setting yourself up to get your heart broken if you invest too much in her emotionally.

#5 – She’s Threatening to Do things to Her Husband
This is a pretty rare occurrence, but in some cases a woman may threaten her husband. This could include simple assault, stealing his money, divorce or worse. This is probably more than most men bargained for when getting involved with a married woman, but it does come with the territory. If a woman does bring something like this u, then it is in your best interest to cease all contact. There is no reason to implicate yourself in something illicit or illegal just to please a married woman. At first you can try to talk her out of it. However, if she becomes uncooperative then just cut things off. In some cases you may even need to contact the police or even her husband directly.

#6 – Your Desires Are Incompatible
One of the main reasons relationships fail is because people’s desires of how to move the relationship forward are incompatible. This issue is greatly exacerbated when a woman is married. Inevitably a man and a married woman will come to a crossroads. Perhaps the man desires deeper relationship. Or it could be that the woman wants to divorce her husband and become intimate with her lover. While some may try to leave emotions and feelings out of affairs, it’s not possible. It is important that both parties discuss their short and long term desires, preferably as soon into the relationship as possible.

#7 – You’ve Found Someone Else
It’s difficult for a man to take himself off the dating market if he’s dating a married woman. Nor should he be expected to do so. A man is within his right to seek out and date other women to fulfill his desires. And perhaps a woman comes along that you are more interested in than the married woman you’re currently with. You may then decide you want to develop relationship with this new woman. And in order to do that you may need to break things off.

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