You’ve had sex with the hot married lady at work, now what?

You had sex with the hot married lady at work -now whatYou couldn’t help it really. She has been eyeing you since you started work there and the moves just kept getting bolder. It was inevitable. It’s a miracle you didn’t get caught, really. So, now what? Do you continue the affair? Do you stop it cold turkey or let her know your just in it for the fun and will bail at the first whiff of trouble? Guess what? Those are all options. You just need to decide which one is for you.

First things first. You need to be honest with yourself above all others when deciding what you really want out of this affair. Whether you went after her full force or kind of fell into a right-place-right-time situation, you will have to examine your own intentions to figure out where it’s going. If you just wanted a quickie in the break room, that’s ok. It’s just important you make that distinction. It could be that you had a really good time during your little dalliance and wouldn’t mind doing it again. That’s ok too. The important part is recognizing where you want to go with the relationship and how far you want to take it.

Once you know what you’re willing to do and how far you’re willing to go you need to let her know. Being on the same page is crucial with any woman your sleeping with but even more so when she is married. Designate a time and place away from work and other distractions to talk with her about it. She may not want it to go any further or she may be interested in taking it further. You won’t know until you ask. If you have decided not to take the relationship any farther, it is of the utmost importance that you tell her so immediately. Do so respectfully and honestly to avoid any drama.

Consider the work environment and how it will be effected. Many companies have a strict no dating rule among employees. Other companies have an unspoken rule, often bent and battered, that isn’t strictly enforced. Even if there is no rue against intercompany dating, the fact that she is married may cause problems. Whether you decide to continue the relationship or not, the two of you must decide how to deal with the work situation and if any damage control must be done.

The next order of business, should the two of you decide to carry on, is a course of action for the affair. Affairs are traditionally kept secret and held in clandestine spots away from prying eyes. If you plan to carry on the affair, you’ll need to make plans and strategize. Most successful affairs are conducted away from the places of work and residency of the participants.

Bragging rights are also a part of sleeping with the hot married chick at work. This is more so correct when the affair does not continue but stop after the initial sex act. Guys always want to tell their buddies about their newest conquest. The hotter she is, the harder the temptation is to resist and even harder if she has turned down any of your friends in the past. This could be fun and sexy or it could get you in a lot of trouble so consider carefully before opening your mouth.

Damage control may be the only thing you can do, after all. It is possible for things to take a turn for the worse before it ever gets off the ground. Even if you both would have been game to carry it on longer, sometimes things just don’t go your way and it all comes to a halt. Perhaps word got around faster than expected and the husband is already aware and on your trail. Maybe its just the boss, but your job is now on the line. Whatever is happening, it imperative you do some damage control to put things back in the right. This might require full on lies or just a few little white tales to save some scuffed feelings.

So, you slept with the hot married lady at work, now what do you do? You definitely have your work cut out for you. Tackle the tasks ahead of you with stern concentration to makes sure you don’t yourself or the hot married lady caught. Remember that it doesn’t all have to be decided in one day. Take your time and think things through before you make any decisions. Decide what damage control you need to buy enough time to think things through and take care of that first. Then move on to your other areas of concern. Tackle each problem one by one as they arise and you’ll soon find you have a great experience to tell your friends about years later.

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