Reasons Why Women Decide to Cheat On Their Husbands

Reasons-Why-Women-Decide-to-Cheat-On-Their-HusbandsWhen it comes to women cheating on their husbands, there are as many unique situations as there are women. That being said, while the details can vary quite a bit, the bare bones of their reasons are almost always the same. Human beings are much more predictable than we’d like to admit. All of the seemingly endless reasons women claim to cheat almost always fall into one of these three categories.

#1 She’s Getting Back at Her Husband for Cheating

One of the most common reasons women have affairs is to get back at their husband for cheating on them. A woman scorned will do everything in her power to hurt her spouse in the same way he hurt her. One of the most effective ways to make a man pay for his transgressions is to beat him at his own game, and all women know this. Even if a wife doesn’t have proof that her husband is cheating, if she has a strong suspicion that he is, she may very well seek out an affair of her own. If you’re considering having an affair with a woman who is seeking revenge, you need to be aware of the potential problems. Yes, the sex may be incredibly hot, but you need to be certain that she’s not going to jeopardize you by revealing your identity to an angry husband.

#2 She’s Trying to Make Herself Feel More Attractive and Desirable

This happens with women of all ages, but it’s especially common after thirty-five. Once women reach that age when they’re starting to see the first signs of aging, a gray hair here, a wrinkle there, or a few extra pounds, they start yearning to feel as attractive and desirable as they did when they were younger. If they aren’t getting regular validation and reassurance from their husband that they’re still sexy, they’ll go looking for it elsewhere. The attention that women get from men while they’re having an affair feeds the need to feel like they’re still beautiful. We live in a culture that glorifies youth and loses interest in women once they’re out of their twenties. This causes all sorts of insecurities in even the most gorgeous women. In fact, sometimes the prettier a woman is, the harder it is for her to accept the aging process. Seeing her husband’s head turn when younger women pass isn’t an easy thing, and it will evoke the sort of jealousy that causes them to find men who treat them like they’re the most sexually appealing creature on the planet.


#3 She’s Bored and Sexually Unfulfilled

You probably already know that the reason most men cheat on their wives is sexual dissatisfaction. We take it for granted that men are wired to cheat because we’re biologically programmed to have multiple partners. But we usually assume that women are wired for monogamy and won’t go looking for an affair unless their husband has done something awful. This is not always the case! Recent studies show that most women have a similar drive to have sex with multiple partners. So there’s always the chance that a woman with the desire for multiple partner’s will have an affair even if she’s madly in love with her husband. Even if a woman isn’t necessarily craving multiple partners, if her sex life with her husband is boring because they’ve fallen into a rut, he’s not having sex with her as frequently as she’d like, or he doesn’t pleasure her when they do have sex, eventually she’s going to start looking elsewhere. If men don’t put in the effort to keep their sex lives with their wives fresh and exciting, they’ll find a guy who is more than happy to see to it that they get what they’re missing in their marriage.

Why This Should Matter to You

There are a lot of reasons guys should be in the know about the reasons women cheat on their husbands. Which ones apply to you depend on the role you’re in. If you’re a husband, and you want to prevent your wife from straying, this knowledge can help you keep your wife at home by meeting her needs. On the other hand, if you suspect that your wife may already be having an affair, ask yourself if any of these reasons could fit. If so, she’s probably either cheating or thinking about it. If you’re considering an affair with a married woman, knowing her reasons for cheating can be invaluable in your decision making process. In other words, at some point in your life, it will probably benefit you to have this information. When you’re in the know about how women think and how those thoughts influence their decision making processes, you’ll never be caught off guard.

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