Why Married Women Are Just As Susceptible As Men To Having An Affair

Why Married Women Are Just As Susceptible As Men To Having An AffairMen have had affairs for centuries as their long-suffering wives has stayed blithely by their sides and ran the household. We see it on television dramas and in celebrity news and even the lives of politicians are sometimes touched by the husband’s infidelity. Rarely do women step outside the boundaries of their marriage, or do they? Several recent studies show women may be just as likely to have an affair as men are.

Affairs most often start out of a feeling of loneliness, abandonment or resentment. It happens when one-half of the married couple spends more time and energy on something else. It could be a job, a hobby, or an affair of their own. When your partner loses interest, it hurts. A lonely woman is just as likely to find an affair as a man just looking for fun is. A wife who does not feel needed and wanted will seek out those feelings of contentment elsewhere. Affairs begin more out of a situation than out of a gender proclivity many times. In those types of situations especially, women are more likely to cheat than a man is. Fox News reported in 2012 50 to 60 percent of surveyed women admitted to cheating on their husbands and almost 70% of men admitted to cheating in their marriages.

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, especially with affairs

Boredom is another biggie for women. Often, long term relationships stagnate and become dull. Men tend to enjoy routine and easily meld into a life of work, television, dinner, bed, repeat. Day after day. Year after year. Women, on the other hand, can get a little stir crazy. Popular chick lit books abound about women are getting their grooves back and making big moves with younger guys. The thought of a hot young cabana boy and a wild summer in the Bermuda can cause a bored housewife to jump ship before you can say Chips Ahoy.

What Research says about affairs

Psychological research told us women crave intimacy long ago. The fairer sex have an ingrained need for intimacy with the man they love. It’s a longing deep in their soul they cannot deny. If they are unable to achieve the intimacy they so desire with the man they are married to, they will often search it out in another man outside the marriage. Intimacy can only be achieved through non-sexual venues like cuddling, thoughtful conversations, kissing, touching and eye contact. This intimacy is how women feel connected in their relationship. Without it, she will feel detached and seek out intimacy elsewhere.

Call A Doctor, her affair is medical

There are some medical reasons that women can cheat more than men also. Intimacy disorders cause women to be promiscuous and flirtatious. A childhood of abuse, neglect and trauma lead women to mix up sexual intensity with emotional intimacy and search out affairs to fill the constant need. This is often the case with women who are sex addicts, and feel they must have sex several times a day. The intensity and attention of the sex act eases the constant aching need inside her.

One other medical reason is an errant gene in female DNA, which was found in the majority of women who have had affairs and consistently seek out extramarital sex. The AVPR1A is a variant of a gene that effects sexual motivation and social behaviors and only has this effect on women. The same gene causes callousness and promiscuity in animals. This behavior is also hereditary. Studies have shown that 40% of unfaithful behavior is women is attributed to genetic interference. So it can be said that some women simply cannot help their cheating behavior. It is bred into them.

The proof is in the pudding

There is ample proof that women are just as likely to cheat on their husbands, as men are to cheat on their wives. However, culturally we always believe men are the cheaters and women the hapless victims. The western culture specifically looks at men having

recreational sex as a type of stud whereas women are perceived as sluts and a bit dirty. Men having affairs is often overlooked as just man behavior. Men have a much frailer ego than women do. They often do not even conceive of the notion that a woman would cheat on them. We must also consider the fact that women are better cheaters and do not get caught as often as men. Women are better at hiding things and staying under the radar with their activities. Men are more ego centered and are often content talking only about their day, not asking or caring where their wives have been during the day and they are happy to keep it to themselves. Sad but true, it does happen.

So go forth with your new knowledge as a guiding light. It can happen to you.

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