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On June 17, 2014
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Rated #4 Site For Meeting Married Women! We Really Liked AshleyMadison - And This Site Is Highly Recommended!


In reviewing dozens of married dating sites to meet married ladies for affairs, our testers were curious about The site gets a lot of hype, (hell they even tried to buy a super bowl commercial) and our guys wondered if it could possibly live up to its reputation. In the final analysis, they gave it a fourth place ranking, with 3 out of 5 stars. While it wasn’t perfect, fourth place out of all the cheating sites on the web is pretty darn good. And its clear Ashleymadison is a good site. Here’s the breakdown of what our testers loved and what they thought could have been better.

Site Features On Ashley Madison offers a ton of features, but believe it or not, our tester wish it had fewer! While they appreciated the email and chat features, as well as the public and private photo galleries, that would have been enough. Our testers thought the “collect” system in which women can contact a man at his expense if he accepts, as well as “virtual gifts” were silly and a waste of time and money. Aside from feeling like these two features were kind of a rip-off, the testers found the site easy to use and effective for making contact with the women they were interested in.

Timeline of Site Activity On Ashleymadison

All five of our testers kept track of a timeline of their activities on over the course of their two months of membership. We broke it down in the simplest format possible, so you can see at a glance what their experience was like, and what you can expect if you purchase a site membership.

  • Day 1 – Our guys got signed up for the site and spent a couple of hours setting up their profiles and exploring the listings for women in their area.
  • Day 4 – Tester #1 had a date, but she stood him up and never contacted him after that.
  • Day 9 – Testers #2 and #3 both had dates. Tester #2 bailed on his date, because she turned out to be a total fatty who had used an old profile picture. Tester #3 scored with a smokin’ hot 44-year-old salsa dancing instructor.
  • Day 16- Tester #1 met up with a lovely, lonely 41-year-old housewife, and he had no problem sealing the deal.
  • Day 20 – Tester #2 met up with a perfectly eager 41-year-old stay at home mom with an unhappy marriage. He made her forget all about her home life for the evening, and she did a great job of making him forget about his.
  • Day 26 – Tester #3 had a date with a 41-year-old pilates instructor. He was into her, but half an hour into the date, she went to the bathroom and never came back. Ten minutes later, she texted him an apology, saying she felt too guilty to cheat.
  • Day 32 – Tester #4 hooked up with a 37-year-old MILF. She gave him the workout of his life, and we don’t mean at the gym!
  • Day 41- Tester #5 met a desperate housewife willing to fulfill his fantasies in every imaginable way. She liked it so much, she was already negotiating when to meet up with him again before she had her clothes back on.
  • Day 47 – Tester #2 was supposed to hook up with a 40-year-old ex-marine turned housewife. However, when he got to the bar, it was clear that she had kept up the military workout regime and he bailed.
  • Day 54- Tester #3 had a date with a red-headed 44-year-old hottie. She was eager to prove to him that blondes do not have more fun, and he swears that she was right. No trouble scoring here!
  • Day 60 – Time ran out! We had a great time on Ashley Madison, but other websites were calling…

First Contact Messages That Worked

If you’re considering signing up for married dating site, Ashley Madison, but feel at a loss about how to approach the women on the site, here are the first contact messages our testers found to be the most effective on

I’d heard that all of the best women seeking affairs were on this site, but after scrolling through the profiles, I thought maybe the claims were exaggerated… that is, until I found yours! You are absolutely stunning, and your eyes are captivating. I also that it was pretty incredible that you love the Red Sox and the New England Patriots. Those are my teams! I’d love to take you out this weekend. Maybe we could catch a game to get comfortable with each other… but it’s entirely up to you. Whatever you want, I’m down for it.

According to your profile, your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore. According to me, your husband is either blind or an idiot! If you’d like to meet for drinks this week, I can guarantee you that I’ll let you know how much I appreciate your attractiveness.

What We Didn’t Like About

While still less than most of the sites we reviewed, we found that the number of times our testers were stood up or encountered women who had misrepresented themselves in profile pictures was slightly higher than our top three cheating site picks. The only other thing our testers didn’t care for were the extra features that tend to cost men money, like accepting collect contacts from women. This is due to there token/credit billing model as opposed to a simple monthly membership.

Safety Review

With excellent site security, we felt that Ashleymadison is legit and protected our financial information and privacy as well as any site we tried. There is no reason to worry about your safety when in comes to Ashley Madison.

Pricing On Ashley Madison

Instead of a monthly membership fee,’s setup is that you purchase credits, and everything you do on the site costs a different amount of credits. 100 credits will cost you $49, 500 credits cost $249, and the affair guarantee (exactly what it sounds like) is $259.


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester 1Age: 32San Francisco, Califorina 102 18 7
Tester 2Age: 35Los Angeles, California 109 20 9
Tester 3Age: 32Seattle, Washington 89 19 8
Tester 4Age: 36Portland, Oregon 93 16 4
Tester 5Age: 36New York, New York 101 25 12

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