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On June 17, 2014
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Rated #3 Site For Meeting Married Women! We Really Liked Cougarclub - And This Site Is Highly Recommended!

Only two sites scored better than Cougar Club (by fuckbook) in our comprehensive reviews of the top cheating sites. Testers gave the site four out of five stars. The number of incredibly sexy, desperate, and eager housewives on this site was jaw dropping. Really, the caliber of women you’ll find on Cougar Club would make it worth any cost, because it isn’t typical to find older women this hot on online affair sites. Our testers raved about the level of sex appeal they encountered from the housewives using this site.

Cougar Club Features

  • Massive membership base with 40,000 – 60,000 members online at any given time
  • Useful articles
  • Adult video clips
  • Video Chat
  • Send/Receive Flirts

Timeline of Site Activity

  • Day 1 – Our testers set up their membership profiles, taking special care to craft master cougar bait!
  • Day 6 – Tester #1 landed a hot date with a 46-year-old raven haired beauty and sealed the deal with no hassle!
  • Day 11 – Tester #2 Got stood up for a date. Not off to a great start for him!
  • Day 19 – Tester # 3 scored a date (he wanted us to note that he had a wicked flu that lasted for six days or wouldn’t have taken him so long!) with a blonde bombshell. She told him it was her fiftieth birthday and she wanted him to make her feel young. No problems scoring here!
  • Day 22 – Testers #1 and #2 both had dates, and both scored with the voracious cougars they met up with.
  • Day 28 – Tester #5 had a date with a lovely 44-year-old housewife, but once there, she got cold feet. She left before he even got in a kiss.
  • Day 38 – Tester #1 got laid by a desperate 42-year-old cougar.
  • Day 43 – Tester #2 had a date, but he got stood up! Moving right along…
  • Day 49 – Tester #1 met up with a 39-year-old MILF, and he scored after just twenty minutes over a drink.
  • Day 55 – Tester #4 met up with a chick who was clearly older than the 42 years she claimed in her profile, but he still thought she was pretty hot for her age, so he went for it and scored.
  • Day 60 – So long, Cougar Club! Thanks for the good times.

First Contact Messages That Worked On Cougar club (by fuckbook)

Our testers rated the responses they received (or didn’t) from first contact messages they sent on Cougar Club. Here are the ones they found to be the most successful. Feel free to use them as/is, or to personalize them to fit your needs.

Coming across your profile was like a dream come true! I’ve been searching for a mature, sexy, confident, and smart woman for quite a while. I was beginning to think maybe it was a lost cause, but you seem to fit the bill perfectly! I’d love to take you out for a fun night on the town. Are you free this weekend?

It’s hard to believe that a woman as good looking and fun loving as you would have any trouble meet men, but given the difficulty I’ve had in meeting women of the caliber I’m interested in, I’ll take your word for it! Are you free Thursday night? My wife is leaving for a week at her mother’s, and I’d love to make the most of this reprieve.

What We Didn’t Like About Cougar Club (by fuckbook)

Overall, we thought Cougar Club was an awesome place to meet hot married women. All of our testers thought it was worth the time, energy, and cost of membership. However, not much in life is perfect, and Cougar Club does have its faults. We didn’t score it as high as Affairs Club or Lonely Wives Club simply because there seemed to be a slightly higher ratio of women who got cold feet, or who weren’t totally straightforward about things like age or current weight. Still, most of the women did show, most were above average in looks, and our testers all got laid.

Safety Review

We didn’t find any out of the ordinary safety issues with the site. Yes, all of our testers encountered a few con artists, but they recognized what was happening and ignored those messages, and that was the end of that. The site is encrypted to protect member information, and it uses third party billing for anonymity. As far as affair dating sites go, this is one of the safest we’ve ever seen. Cougar Club (by fuckbook) is legit!


Don’t waste your time with free membership. It won’t let you access most of the features you need to make the site worthwhile. With memberships beginning in the thirty dollar range, this isn’t a huge investment. How much do you spend ordering pizza or going through fast food drive thru lanes each month? Wouldn’t a hot affair with a married woman be much more satisfying?

Results Summary

To wrap it all up and give you the ten-second big picture, here are the results our testers got from spending two months on Cougar Club: Between the five of them, they scored seven times. There were only two no-show dates, but one woman got cold feet and left without sealing the deal. One woman had clearly lied about her age, but it wasn’t enough of an issue for our tester to decide that he didn’t want to sleep with her. Overall, the quality of the women on the site was well above average. There were a small handful of women you might not be proud to show off to your boys in the listings, but there were enough hot women to balance it out that it didn’t affect our testers’ ability to choose only women they thought were hot.

Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester 1Age: 33Chicago, Illinois 104 18 11
Tester 2Age: 35Phoenix, Arizona 99 21 11
Tester 3Age: 29San Diego, California 87 20 13
Tester 4Age: 29Houston, Texas 93 10 8
Tester 5Age: 37New York, New York 122 25 13

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