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On June 17, 2014
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Rated #2 Site For Meeting Married Women! We Really Liked Lonely Wives Club - And This Site Is Highly Recommended!



With a rating of four out of five stars, LonelyWivesClub.com by Hookupcloud, was the second best married dating site we reviewed. The five testers assigned to Lonely Wives Club gave it a positive review and high ratings for being user friendly, safe, and having a good ratio of women to men. All three reviewers felt that the number and quality of hookups achieved made it worth the price of membership.

User Friendly Features On Lonely Wives Club

  • Profile matching makes it incredibly easy to hook up with compatible married women
  • Intuitive profile set up and site navigation make it easy to find what you’re looking for
  • Chat features keep communications discreet and secure
  • Third party billing protects your privacy
  • Sexy Video to Video Chat
  • Send/receive emails on your mobile phone
  • Private Chat

Timeline of Activity

Five testers used LonelyWivesClub.com for two months and logged their activity with the site. The results presented below give you a good idea of what to expect if you become a member.

  • Day 1 – All three testers created killer profiles and began looking for women in their area.
  • Day 5- After a few online conversations, our first tester went on a date with a sexy 41-year-old Italian chick. She was as eager to seal the deal as he was. Score!
  • Day 9 – Our second tester met up with a cute 38-year-old in an unhappy marriage. She was all too happy to work out her frustrations in the sack with him.
  • Day 13 – The fifth tester set up a date with a nice looking woman in her early forties. She was a no-show, and he never heard from her again. On the same day, our first tester had his second date; he met up with a 37-year-old whose husband travels nonstop, and he scored.
  • Day 18 – It took a while, but our third tester finally scored! He arranged a date with a hot blonde 40-year-old who needed a break from stay at home mommy land. He made sure it was worth the money she spent on a babysitter!
  • Day 25 – Our second tester finally connected with a 39-year-old housewife he’d been talking to for quite a while. It was worth his patience, because he sealed the deal.
  • Day 31 – Tester #5 had yet another date, but he wasn’t that into her. Her profile picture want to bang her.
  • Day 39 – Our fourth tester went out with a fifty-year-old cougar that didn’t look a day over thirty-five. It must be true what they say about women reaching their primes later in life, because not only did she put out, she exhausted him!
  • Day 44 – Testers #1 and #2 both had no-shows. Ugh! Oh well, back in the game. There are plenty of other women.
  • Day 50 – Tester #3 met up with a woman he thought sounded like she might be too nervous to go through with having an affair. He was pleasantly surprised when she proved him wrong!
  • Day 53 – Tester #4 had a date with a smokin’ hot 44-year-old. She was slow to warm up, but once she did, she was on fire. An hour and a half into the date, he was able to seal the deal.
  • Day 60 – Testing period ends. It was real. It was fun. Oh hell, it was really fun!

First Contact Messages That Worked

Our testers kindly provided us with a couple of examples of first contact messages that worked. You can use them as/is or customize them to make them more personal. Either way, these templates get great results on Lonelywivesclub.com!

“I’d just about given up hope of finding the type of woman I’d be interested in having an affair with, but then I saw your profile and knew it wasn’t time to throw in the towel! You were just too beautiful to pass by, and once I started reading about your interests, I knew I had to contact you. Meeting a gorgeous woman who loves MMA and wine tasting seems almost too good to be true. Prove me wrong?”

“I just read your profile and it seems like we’re in almost identical situations! Maybe my wife and your husband should get together. They could be boring and miserable together. Ha! Let’s shake it off and have some fun. Are you free Saturday night?”

What We Didn’t Like

Overall, this site is fantastic. The one and only complaint our testers had was that they did encounter a few rogue scam artists who managed to slip through the cracks. Luckily, their profiles were so fake, they were easy to spot and avoid, so it was just annoying, not financially detrimental. Other than that, it was an awesome experience. All told Lonely Wives Club is legit!

Safety On LonelywivesClub.com

As mentioned above, there were a few scammers on the site, although it seems that they are quickly spotted and removed. They’re pretty easy to spot, but I guess if you were a total schmuck, it would be possible to get conned out of money. Other than that, site safety is excellent. Your identity and financial information are thoroughly protected, so you’re not going to get caught or become a victim of identity theft by using the site.


Free memberships are available, but they’re really not practical. If you want to get the most out of the site, pony up the money for a membership. It’s less than thirty bucks a month, and most of us spend way more than that at Starbucks in any given month. Your LonelyWivesClub.com Membership will bring you way more pleasure than another latte.

Results Summary

There’s a reason so many married men turn to lonely wives club (by Hookupcloud) to meet married women. First off – the layout of the site is very professional and modern. It’s easy to navigate through the site and search for married women. On top of that, you’ll notice a large member base of women that are regularly active and willing to chat.
We can’t guarantee you will get laid on lonelywivesclub.com. You might not. But if you don’t, that’s not our fault. Those that have taken our advice and put in the effort to get laid always do. Below is the results our 5 testers saw. Its pretty clear this site is well worth giving it a try!

Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester 1Age: 32Miami, Florida 101 14 7
Tester 2Age: 35Los Angeles, California 103 21 10
Tester 3Age: 30Dallas, Texas 82 19 12
Tester 4Age: 30Indianapolis, Indiana 94 12 8
Tester 5Age: 36New York, New York 111 24 13

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