LiketoCheat Review

like-to-cheat-reviewthI wish that we could find a few good things to say about LifetoCheat, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Our testers found the site to have several issues that made it one of the worst they reviewed. If you’ve been considering a membership, there are a lot of reasons you’ll want to steer clear and find your affairs elsewhere.

Awful Site Design

Life to Cheat’s website is a design nightmare. It’s hard to navigate, ugly, and some of the links are improperly coded. Anyone with a website design how-to guide and zero design experience could slap together a site of better quality if they took their time. This was a major red flag that the testing experience wasn’t going to be a good one, but we pressed on, knowing that even on sites where the design is unprofessional and unappealing it’s still possible to find great hookups.

Is the Site a Con or Do They Just Not Give a Damn?

It was hard for our testers to determine if the entire site was a con, or if the owners of Life to Cheat just don’t give a damn about their members after they collect the membership fee. Either way, it doesn’t matter, because it affects users in the exact same way. The vast majority of the profiles our testers tried to contact ended up being scams. Most of them automatically redirected to sites for webcam girls, pay per download porn videos, or escorts. There were also a ton of more direct scams, those in which the con artists tried to solicit access to money from our testers with stories about how they would have to travel to meet up with them for an affair, or hookers who were blatant about what they do for a living and tried to arrange “dates” for sex in exchange for money. One of our testers was motivated enough to send an email to the site complaining about the situation, but he never got a response.

Two Hookups in Two Months

Over the two months that our users were testing the site, one tester never scored at all, and the other two testers only scored one time each. It’s worth noting that the two testers who did score both live in major metropolitan areas, and it was probably just sheer luck and population size that led to a couple of real women from their area being on Life to Cheat. Meeting up with one real woman in two months, after sending out tons of emails, can hardly be considered a wild success. The women they hooked up with said they hadn’t had much luck either. Are you kidding us? Women, especially good looking ones like these, typically have no trouble finding men on cheating sites. This led us to believe that even the male profiles must have been mainly fake. And our poor dude from a smaller city didn’t have any luck at all!

There Are Better Places to Spend Your Time

In the final analysis, we found out that although it is possible to find an affair on Life to Cheat, it’s largely a matter of a hell of a lot of work coupled with dumb luck. While you might get lucky, it’s not like you’re going to find a lot of options here, and chances are higher than not that you won’t end up scoring at all, particularly if you’re not in a place like Los Angeles or NYC. There are so many better places to spend your time finding affairs online, why would you waste your money?

Don't Get Scammed

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