How To Keep Your Relationship On The Down-Low

How To Keep Your Relationship On The Down LowIn a world dominated by smartphones, social media, cameras and other technology, it’s hard for a man to retain privacy over every aspects of his life. Whether it’s finances, health or relationships there is no reason a man should have to be wary of personal information being revealed.

A lot of men desire privacy especially when it comes to relationships. While some men enjoy making public displays of affection and posting pictures of them with their partner on social media, others despise it. Privacy in relationships gives a man peace of mind, knowing that people aren’t in his personal business for whatever reason. One of the main reasons a man prefers to keep is relationships on the down low, is that it gives him more freedom to pursue other women. For example, if a man wants to sleep with a coworker, she may refuse him outright because she has seen him in pictures on social media looking happy with his wife.

The Keys to Hiding an Affair With A Married Women

If you want to keep your relationship on the down low, there are a few guidelines to keep mind:

Keep Your Space
If you live with your wife or girlfriend, it’s going to be more difficult to hide your activities if you are cheating. She’ll start to wonder where you’re going, who you’re meeting etc. If that is the case, start coming up with convenient excuses for where you’re going.

It’s also important to limit communication as much as possible. Don’t get caught up in texting or calling your significant other every day, as that will only serve to blow your cover.

Lock Down All Technology and Social Media
Many women like to snoop through their husband’s phone or computers; other women demand it. This is an absolute no-no for keeping a discreet relationship.

Tell your spouse that she needs to respect your privacy. If you still don’t trust her, make sure to lock your phone and computers, and hide any potential trails of communication such as deleting old voicemails or texts.

Limit Your Social Circle
If you’re going to have a relationship on the down low, you need to limit contact with people who may blow your cover. This means only spending time with people you trust.

This also doesn’t mean that you should tell your close friends about your affair, in fact you should tell no one. But in the event a friend of yours does find out, you don’t want them telling your significant other about the other girl behind your back. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid spending time and developing rapport with the friends of your wife, girlfriend and/or mistress. Girls like to enlist their friends to spy on their man to see if he’s up to no good.

Don’t $@!% where you Eat
To elaborate, if you’re seeing multiple women at the same time, then it is a terrible idea to bring these women to the same venues. For example, of you and your wife frequently go out to dinner at XYZ Steakhouse, don’t take your mistress there as the staff and other frequent diners may recognize you.

Another absolutely crucial thing to keep in mind is to avoid bringing a mistress to your place. There’s good chance you will get caught or spotted by someone. Either go to her place or find a hotel where you can spend intimate time together.

Don’t Change A Thing
A lot of men will start to overhaul their lives in order to accommodate their new found love. This is a bad idea. The reason is twofold:
1) You shouldn’t be ashamed of your actions. If you are then you should be asking yourself why you are going through with it in the first place. Being constantly ashamed will only make your life miserable, and by seeking out a new lover that is exactly what you’re trying to get away from.

2) Changing around your routine will make your partner question your activities. Normally you liked to spend every Tuesday night grilling, but then you suddenly changed that. Limit the time you spend with your mistress, and only do it when you have free time.

One good idea is that instead of coming up with convenient excuses for why you’ve been out so much, make it appear as if you’re pursuing a passion of yours. It comes across as a legitimate excuse of yours if you’re going fishing with the guys every other weekend, as opposed to getting your oil changed twice a month.


As you can see the formula for keeping your relationships on the down low has a few universal concepts:

• Always limit social contact with people outside your inner circle
• Lock down all forms of social media and communication
• Don’t change the Terms in which you live your life on

If you take the time to create a concrete plan and lifestyle conducive to having multiple relationships simultaneously, then you will most certainly be able to keep your relationships on the down low.

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