How To Get Back at a Cheating Spouse

Best-Way-to-Get-Back-at-a-Cheating-SpouseIt’s a well-known fact that firefighters oftentimes use fire to fight fire. The same principle applies to getting back at a cheating spouse. If you’ve been in a world of hurt (or anger) because your wife cheated on you, the best way to settle the score is to have an affair of your own. After all, she wasn’t thinking about your feelings in the least while she was fulfilling her sexual desires with another man while you were sitting at home alone. Why shouldn’t you seek sex with another woman? You more than deserve it after what you’ve been through.

Meet Married Women Online to Get Back at Your Wife

If you’re looking for an affair in order to get back at your wife, the fastest and easiest way to find what you’re looking for is by using cheating sites. You’ll find that many of the married women on the sites have been through similar things and will be very sympathetic about your situation. In fact, because so many women can relate to the position you’re in, you’ll probably have a lineup of women ready to help you get yours. Using regular hookups for this sort of thing isn’t in your best interest. If single women catch wind of what you’re up to, many of them wouldn’t understand and would vilify you, even though you’re clearly the victim.

Find a Woman that’s Hotter than Your Wife

Women are ultra-competitive creatures. While it’s unlikely that your wife would be thrilled about you having an affair with anyone, no matter what she looks like, getting it on with an ugly or average looking chick just doesn’t have the same impact. If you really want to twist the screws, hook up with a woman whose better looking than your wife. This is even more effective if you choose a woman who has physical characteristics your wife wishes she had. Most women lose their minds with jealousy and insecurity when they know that their spouse is capable of scoring with someone better looking than them. If you doubt this in the least, think about the times your wife has caught you stealing a glance at hot women, even if they’re just actresses in a movie you were watching together. Even when they try to act unruffled by this sort of thing, most women can’t hide how much this sort of thing bothers them!


Play On Her Guilt

Whether or not your wife knows that you know she’s unfaithful, you can play on her guilt and make her feel as awful as you do. If you act angry, she’ll only get defensive, so it’s best to suppress this urge. Instead, be extra loving and attentive. The more wonderfully you treat her, the more her guilt will eat her alive. Meanwhile, you can have the last laugh, knowing that you’re doing the exact same thing she’s beating herself up about. You can also take advantage of her guilt by realizing that she’s going to be so focused on it that she’ll be less likely to have the time and energy to tune into the fact that you’re having an affair of your own.

Do You Reveal Your Revenge Affair?

When most men set out to have a revenge affair, they do so with fantasies about the big reveal; that moment when they tell their wives and get to watch them fall apart. If you’ve already retained a lawyer and are having her served with divorce papers, this might be quite an enjoyable experience. On the other hand, if you don’t have any intention of getting divorced, revealing your revenge affair can be short sighted. It might lead you down a road you’re not prepared to travel. It might be enough to cause your wife to end your marriage, or she might stay, but make your life miserable. Sometimes, the best revenge is stealthy. It might be enough for you to know that she didn’t get away with anything, because you’re having great sex with a hot woman on the side. In fact, getting back at her like this, and keeping the knowledge of your affair to yourself, can be more satisfying than any explosive scenario you’ve envisioned around telling her.

Whether your wife cheated on you in the past, or is currently cheating on you, having an affair of your own is the absolute best way to get back at her. It will not only soothe your emotions, it will also give you a pleasurable physical outlet to deal with all of that pent up frustration. For a lot of guys, the knowledge that their wife has cheated can take over their lives, impacting them in negative ways. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap. Take back your power, and have a great time doing it.

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