How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Married Affair Partner

How much time should you spend with your married affair partnerSo you’re having an affair. You aren’t the first married guy to decide he needs a little something extra in his life. Nor is she the first married woman to decide the same. It happens for a variety of reasons to many different types of couples. The key is to carry out the affair and obtain what you have been missing and then ending it without anyone being the wiser. While this may sound impossible, it is not. It can be done, and the key to mastering this skill is knowing how much time to spend with your married affair partner.
Decide how much time to spend with her by defining the type of relationship you have with her. Affairs are like boxes of Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. The many reasons married turn to extramarital sex leads to many different types of affairs. Some affairs have little to no sex involved but are highly emotionally charged. Others are mostly sexual in nature but have little emotion or caring between the two. The time you would spend within these two vastly different affairs is quite different.
The amount of time you spend with your married affair partner is also dependent upon your own marital state. Do you want to stay married? Are you looking for a way out or just a break from the monotony? These are important questions and ones you must know the unequivocal answer to before you seek out an affair. If you want to stay married to your wife and intend to carry out this affair in secret, you will limit your time with your affair partner.
If your affair is one that is highly sexualized you will want to keep the time with her in long spurts spaced fairly far apart. Hot, passionate sex can be addictive. Each time you are with her, you want to stay longer and longer. You find yourself thinking about her all the time. If you plan to stay married to your wife, these private sexual jaunts must be taken seriously. When the sex is good, it can become overpowering. Keeping the escapades to a minimum gives you time to get you head together and compose yourself. If it is more emotional, you should have shorter time together paced at a few days apart. If a woman tends to be prone to emotional outbursts it’s often best to keep your visits short in order to keep the time available for hissy fits at a bare minimum.

If she should decide she doesn’t like the amount of time you’re spending with her, there is always the long weekend option. Most of us can arrange a plausible weekend away without getting caught. Whether its work, family or friend related, there is always a reason looming on the horizon to use for a quick get-away. It has to be believable, however, so don’t jump into this haphazardly. It take careful planning and forethought to pull off successfully. It is never a good idea to tell anyone about your affair, but if you do have a trusted third party, this is a good time to enlist their help.
Don’t forget the age old debate of how much time men and women should spend together in any type of relationship. Psychologists and counsellors agree that couples can spend too much time together. The demise of a relationship always begins when boredom and the mundane set in. Being apart is good for a relationship. There is some truth to the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. There are reasons why the birth rate always sores when soldiers return from war. Studies have shown that mates are more interested in each other when they see each other with outside interests.
There is no set in stone number of hours you should spend with your married affair partner. It is all very dependent on the situation and the people in it. It is a very personal decision that depends on specific factors. Always keep your goals in mind and have an exit strategy ready if things take a turn for the worse.
You’re having an affair to fill a hole in your life, have a little fun and shake things up a little. If it is full of drama, then it is defeating the purpose. Living life to the fullest does not include dealing with drama from someone else’s wife.

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