How Cheating is Changing

How-Cheating-is-ChangingEverything about the way we view cheating / married dating, and how we go about it is undergoing rapid and considerable shifts. This is good news for those of us who have long felt trapped and repressed by the social stigma and shame surrounding infidelity. Cheaters are no longer a small and demonized sector of the population. With growing acceptance and seismic shifts in societal norms, it has never been easier to cheat. Here’s what you should know about all of the ways cheating has changed over the last few years.

The Internet Makes Cheating Easier and More Discreet Than Ever Before

Online married dating sites have cropped up all over the place. People seeking extramarital affairs can find what they’re looking for with a few clicks of the mouse. No more nights of looking for women in seedy bars or taking your chances with the office secretary. These cheating sites have led to an entirely new world in which discretion is nearly effortless, and it’s faster and easier ever in history to find a woman you find sexually attractive for an affair. Not only that, but because of the volume of users on this sites, your selection pool will be vast, meaning that unlike your father, you won’t have to settle for whichever random woman willing to have an affair crosses your path. Many of the best married dating sites have user bases that number in the hundreds of thousands.

Women Are Cheating at a Greater Rate Than Men

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t true that men are primarily cheaters and women are primarily faithful. Recent information suggestions that the women are at least equaling the rate of cheating their male counterparts are engaging in, and some studies indicate that not only are wives cheating as much as their husbands, they’re actually bypassing them! While some men find this worrisome, we should be embracing the trend. Not only does it make it easier for us to find married women seeking affairs, meaning that we’re going to have an easier time of it, it also offers hints at the ways in which society is changing. At the rate things are going, it seems likely that within our lifetime, a large percentage of the population will move towards open relationships, and within a couple of decades, it isn’t out of the question that marriage may be entirely redefined for most people. We are living in a time where it is being acknowledged that married people, both male and female, are cheating at a rate of over 70%. Less than 30% of the population remains monogamous throughout their marriage. Wouldn’t it make sense that over time, armed with this knowledge, we’ll reach the point where people don’t hide their affairs?

The Rapidly Swelling Polyamory Trend

Supporting the assertions made above, it’s worth mentioning that polyamory is seeing a massive rise in numbers. Does this fall under the category of affair? Well, yes, if you go by the traditional definitions of marriage and fidelity. No, if you’re defining affairs as something that must be hidden from your partner, as practitioners of polyamory have multiple sexual partners with their spouse’s blessing. It doesn’t really matter, though. No matter how you define an affair, the fact that polyamory is gaining such widespread acceptance offers cheaters a glimmer of hope that everything about the way we view marriage and commitment is changing.


Younger People are Questioning Traditional Values

Every generation has their areas in which they begin to question the ways their parents did things. With this new generation of younger adults, that questioning seems to mainly revolve around what they were taught about relationships. They no longer accept that sex and love are always tied together, or that it’s wrong to have sex with someone you don’t love, even when you love someone else. We see it in the way traditional dating has taken a backseat to the friends with benefit arrangement favored by so many young adults, and as these early twenty-somethings approach the age when they start to think about getting married, it seems logical that they might redefine the expectations they have around the institution of marriage itself. For those in this generation, it will seem perfectly logical that they can love their spouse, have children, and build a life together, all while pursuing other people for casual sex.

The ways in which cheating is changing show that how cheating is viewed is also changing. Since most people don’t seem to have a desire to be monogamous, this can only be a good thing. If you’ve been longing to have an affair, but feeling guilty, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. And not only that, the thing you desire is becoming the norm. Why hold yourself to impossible standards when the entire world is realizing there’s a better way?

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