EliteFling Review

elite-fling-reviewthIf Elite Fling didn’t piss us off so much, it would make us laugh. You’ll notice when you first visit the site that there’s not a lot of information available. There’s the main page, which contains nothing but a photo of a sexy model and a sign-up form, and a contact page. Oh, and a one sentence blurb about the site being for the attractive and successful. That’s it. No FAQ, no description of who they are or what you can expect… Nothing. If that isn’t setting off warning bells in your head, it should be. Since our one and only goal is to test a site from start to finish for all that it has to offer and all that it lacks, we signed up anyway. It’s worth noting that all three of our testers mentioned that if they weren’t taking place in this experiment, there is no way they would ever pay for membership to a cheating site that didn’t contain even the most basic information.

There’s Nothing Elite About It

If Elite Fling was dedicated, as they claim to be, to being used for the successful and attractive to find affairs, they would have some sort of screening process. By and large, our testers found that the women using the site didn’t seem to have much of anything going for them. They did, however, all want men with looks and money. Big surprise. In other words, the site was full women eager Instead, anyone who considers themselves to fall into one of those two categories, or more likely, those who know they don’t fall into either category but want to hook up with people that do, can sign up. to latch onto a man out of their league, but they didn’t have anything to offer in return. You know it’s not a good scene when every message you get from a woman contains a laundry list of her expectations and the types of luxuries she prefers.

Not Just Freeloaders, Lying Freeloaders

One of our testers reported that to him, the worst part of the experience wasn’t even that the women were freeloaders, it was that they were clearly lying on top of it all. Many of the women claimed to have husbands that make a ton of money, or claim to have their own high-income jobs. He was quick to notice, however, that they all looked like they bought their clothes at Walmart, had bad home dye-jobs, bad teeth, and other markers that clearly indicated that they didn’t have any money. If you’re going to try to claim that you expect your affair to provide you with expensive gifts, because that is the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to and won’t settle for less, you probably want to make sure that you’re not wearing clothes that haven’t been in style for fifteen years and that the photo wasn’t taken in the parking lot of some dirty, cheap apartment complex.

The Rest Were All Escorts

If it wasn’t one thing on Elite Affair, it was another. It wasn’t like all of the women on the site were dumpy, trashy women looking for schmucks to buy them things. No! Our testers did run across a handful of pretty women here and there. Too bad they all turned out to be escorts. We almost had to respect them for at least calling themselves what they actually are. After all, asking for expensive gifts in exchange for sex is basically less blatant prostitution without being willing to admit that that’s what you are. But if our guys had wanted escorts, they would have just gone to an escort site. Take it from us, you do not have to pay for sex in any way in order to have a great affair. It just won’t happen on this website.

Don't Get Scammed

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