The Difference Between An Open Marriage And Cheating

The Difference Between An Open Marriage And CheatingThere are many beautiful women on this planet. And, as a man goes about his day there’s a good chance he will see a number of attractive women he’d like to sleep with.

If a man is single he’ll have the opportunity to date and sleep with all the girls he sees. On the other hand, if a man is married then all these women will never be more than eye candy.

Some men simply can’t handle this so they resort to an affair. However, a lot of men don’t want to go down this road for whatever reason. And so, they find themselves with no other options but their wives.

But there missing something:

A Second Option

If only there was a way for a married man to have his cake and eat it too. That is, to maintain a happy marriage with his wife, while at the same time sleep with other women. The answer is to have an open marriage. This is a relationship in which, despite two partners being married, they are free to sleep with whomever they wish too under certain preset rules and conditions.

If it sounds too good to be true, well it often is. This is because many women will simply have a hard time grasping this concept.

When discussing this option with your spouse, and eventually pursuing it down the road, it is important to know what an open marriage is, and what it is not.

Why an Open Marriage is Not Cheating

It isn’t fair to say that objectively one of these things is okay and one isn’t; different people have different situations. However, there are a few distinct differences between these two types of relationships:

In all relationships it is essential that people trust one another. This allows them to build a deeper bond, thus having a more fulfilling relationship. When it comes to an open marriage though, trust is even more essential.

Sex and love are two of the most powerful things a person will ever experience, and they are not to be taken lightly. When a man or woman sleeps with someone else it can bring out a person’s emotions; sometimes it will be ugly. If this is a road you and your spouse choose to go down you must be prepared to handle this. As you can see, trust is the foundation to any open relationship or marriage.

On the other hand, trust is something that is completely disregarded when someone engages in cheating; at least by one spouse. The entire premise of cheating is that one person is violating the trust of another.

When people take wedding vows they promise to be faithful. And while vows shouldn’t be broken, when the two people who made the vow come together and make an agreement, then it is acceptable. But so long as the other aspects of the marriage vows are kept in place the marriage can stay successful.

One common perception of open marriages is that either spouse can sleep with whomever they choose, whenever they want. This is a recipe for failure. In order to cultivate a healthy and positive open marriage, individuals still need to have trust in one another. This means that they always need consent when sleeping with someone else.

While having guidelines may take out some of the spontaneity of an open marriage, it is important for maintaining a sense of security and trust. When it comes to cheating though, the entire reason cheating exists is because there is no consent.

When a man cheats on his wife he clearly can’t ask her for permission, so he has to use deception to acquire what he wants. In both scenarios, a lack of consent will not suffice.
While asking your partner permission to have sex with, and perhaps develop a relationship with someone else may seem daunting, it is necessary. If you’ve already talked about it and trust one another, then it should be smooth sailing.

Both Partners Have the Privilege to Sleep Around

In most instances of cheating, there is only one guilty party in that only one person has broken the trust within the relationship. In an open relationship both partners have the freedom to sleep with and date whomever they choose.

While possible, it is not likely that only one spouse will be allowed to freely sleep with women while the other is forbidden. This means that you must be comfortable with your partner sleeping with, or ev en having the potential to sleep with others.
This is not something to scoff at. While some men may be able to handle the emotions that this entails, many others can’t. This is a decision that should not be taken likely, as once a marriage is open it’s hard to close back up.

As you can see, there are clear differences between cheating and an open marriage. And as long as you and your partner have built trust, always use consent, and are emotionally stable than an open marriage may greatly enhance both of your lives.

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