Are You Cut Out To Date A Married Woman? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Are You Cut Out To Date A Married a Woman 5 Questions To Ask YourselfDating a married woman is a fantasy many men have from adolescence. Teachers are usually our first crushes and every one of us has spent a few hours daydreaming about scandalous relationships with our sexiest teacher. It is something we would all try if given the chance and the circumstances were right but we aren’t all cut out for it. Dating a married woman comes with a lot of issues, it simply isn’t for everyone. You should ask yourself five serious questions before you date a married woman.

Are you ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride?

Married women having affairs are often emotional wrecks. Cheating on their husbands often makes them feel horrible about themselves, which brings on an onslaught of emotion. If her marriage is ending, divorce can be more distressing than an affair. Children in the marriage make emotions run even higher. Having an affair with a married woman often means riding an emotional rollercoaster based on where she is at mentally that day. Be prepared.

Can you deal with drama?

The type of women who will have affairs are used to drama. It is a part of their lives. They are comfortable with a certain level of it or would not be able to commit to an affair of any sort. It seems to follow them wherever they go, whether it is getting angry at the drop of a dime, jealousy or inflexibility. Conflict and drama are all too often parts of having an affair with a married woman. Steel yourself. It’s coming in some form or another.

How about the Morality Clause?

Involving yourself in an affair with a married woman is essentially disregarding a legal relationship and taking another person’s legal, emotional and spiritual mate for your own purposes. The morality involved in doing such is highly questionable. For some people, it means nothing. For others, who were born with certain morals instilled in them shortly after and lived with them all their lives, it can be life altering. You must be honest with yourself in deciding if you can be that type of person and live with what you have done. It can also lead to

Are you willing to play 007 on a daily basis?

Affairs mean secrets. Secret rendezvous points, secret text messages and secret phone calls. You cant tell anyone who your dating and you cant be seen anywhere in public. You cant go on vacations together nor can you go out to eat. You cant go to parties or night clubs or bars. Someone may see you and report to her husband. You have to encode you texts to her and pretend you are everyone from a friendly coworker to a neighbor or friends brother. Its all a big sham anyway but as long as your aware of it and can deal with it, your good to go.

Are you willing to settle?

Men who date married women and expect a relationship to bloom from it are in a scarcity mindset. Its as if they believe there are very few women on the planet and you have to find one as close to what you want as you can get because the whole package isn’t available. Not true. Just because you dig this married chick doesn’t mean she is the only one for you. She wont be able to commit to you, she wont be available emotionally or even physically much of the time. She certainly isn’t available legally. Having a relationship with a married woman is settling for less than what you could have with a woman who likes you and is willing to commit to only you.

There are several more questions you could ask yourself to get prepared to date a married woman. Perhaps the most important one of all is, why? Determining why you would want to date a married woman and what you hope to get out of it is the best way to tell if you are cut out for the task. The best answer is to be in it just for fun, for the excitement, for the experience. Dating a married woman for love or romance is never a good idea and rarely works out. There are many married women who are emotionally or sexually neglected and willing to search out a remedy in other men. In most cases, that remedy is all they need and they do not intend to leave the marriage. Dating married women is a great way to exert some sexual energy and enjoy the company of some phenomenal women but it isn’t conducive to long term, satisfying relationships, love or commitment to a future. Knowing and being prepared for that ahead of time can save you both a lot of heartache.

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