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On June 17, 2014
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Rated #1 Site For Meeting Married Women ! We Really Liked Affairs Club - And Highly Recommend This Site

Affairs Club Review

Ranked #1 Married Dating Site!
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Our team of men eager to meet married women signed up for dozens of cheating websites, and after months of systematically reviewing and rating them, was the clear winner. It was the only site our testers rated with five out of five stars. Affairs Club Review was truly the most positive! The ratio of cheating woman to cheating men was excellent, making it incredibly easy for our testers to hook up with women in their area. Not only are the women plentiful on Affairs Club, we also found that there were tons of hotties, while a lot of cheating sites were full of nasty looking chicks we weren’t interested in meeting. There was nothing complicated about the process. Everything from signing up and creating a membership profile to getting women to meet up with us for a little extramarital fun was as simple as could be. One of our testers had such great results, he even recommended that we add a sixth star, just for this site!

Affairs Club Offers Simple, Yet Outstanding Features

Affairs Club isn’t a bells and whistles type of site. The features are simple, but that’s part of why they’re excellent. It makes using the site for its intended purpose incredibly simple. Here’s what you’ll find:

*Sexy Photo Galleries – The photo gallery option allows users to post multiple pictures to their profiles, and the ladies on this site are not shy! In fact, some of them border on exhibitionist. Let’s just say that this makes for some fun profile browsing.

*Profile Matching – does a lot of the work of finding compatible women for you to cheat with. I was wary of this feature at first, because a lot of sites do a terrible job of correctly matching people, but I was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed the recommended profiles. I was paired with women I found physically attractive, and after hooking up with a few, I was totally sold.

*Chat Rooms – No matter what time I logged on, there were always women in the chat rooms. While I was primarily using the site to meet women for in-person affairs, I also had quite sexy conversations online that provided fun and physical release.

*Voicemail – The voicemail option offers a discreet way to send messages to women you’re interested in connecting with in person.

*Cam 2 Cam Chat – One of our favorite features on the site is the cam 2 cam chatting. With affairs club’s easy to use interface you can connect with other members for a video chat. Similar to how you would with skype, this feature allows you to see your potential affair partner before setting up a date. Great for per-screening and getting real idea of what a person looks like.

Timeline of Site Activity On Affairs Club

In total, there were three of us using over a period of two months. We kept track of the results of our site usage in order to break it down for you to show you what you can realistically expect. Here’s how it went:

  • Day 1 – Created three excellent affair profiles and started getting acquainted with what the site had to offer.
  • Day 3 – One tester got his first bite. A sexy 46-year-old brunette with an amazing boob job and a miserable marriage. She was so horny, she asked if they could meet up the next night.
  • Day 4 – She wasn’t kidding! Not only did she meet up with my buddy, he sealed the deal and said it was one of the best experiences of his life.
  • Day 8 – I had my first Affairs Club hookup experience. Seriously hot sex with a 43-year-old soccer mom.
  • Day 16 – I was supposed to meet up with a fifty-year-old blonde chick, but she stood me up and sent me a text later that night apologizing, saying she just couldn’t bring herself to cheat. Oh well, onward.
  • Day 20 – Our third tester scored with a feisty redhead. Not only that, but they were so sexually compatible that it became a regular thing, and they’re still hooking up a couple of times a week.
  • Day 26 – Our first tester scored with a 43-year-old yoga instructor with the body of a very fit twenty-something. She gave him quite the flexibility test!
  • Day 31 – I met up with a 40-year-old who had just moved to the area with her husband. She was cute and I had fun, but I opted out of sleeping with her, because she seemed just a little too needy for my liking.
  • Day 36 – Tester #4 was still having fun with the redhead, but wanted some variety, so he met up with and scored with a Hispanic housewife.
  • Day 44 – The freakiest affair hookup of my life. I met up with a 39-year-old hottie. She brought her best friend and said she hoped I didn’t mind that they do everything together. Hell no, I didn’t mind! Dream come true.
  • Day 51 – Tester #1 got stood up and never heard from the chick again. Eh. It happens from time to time.
  • Day 56 – Tester #5 didn’t have to wait for long after getting stood up. He hooked up with a very neglected housewife with insatiable physical needs, which he had a great time fulfilling.
  • Day 60 – Time for us to move on to the next site, and all five of us are praying it will be half as good as this one.

First Contact Messages That Worked

Here are a couple of the first contact messages we sent that worked. Feel free to use them for your own purposes!
“You’re bored and lonely? What a coincidence, so am I! Let’s remedy that, asap. Want to get together this Friday night? My wife is going to Vegas for the weekend, so it’s the perfect time for me to take a gamble and have some fun of my own.”

“You are far too hot to be sitting at home alone. Your husband must be blind. Luckily, I’m not, and I like what I see. When are you free? I’d like to take you out and show you a good time!”

What We Didn’t Like

There was very little about we did not like, the site clearly works at finding married woman and ultimately that is all that matters. The one thing that could be improved however is the mobile feature. When using the site on a smart phone you are pretty limited to what you can and cannot do. You are able to sign in, and check and reply to messages however that is where the functions end. You are not able to search for members in your area, or see who recently logged in. Improving what you can do would be a major plus. When traveling for instance many people do not bring a lap top.

Safety Review Of Affairs Club

This site takes member safety seriously. They use third party billing, so you’re not going to see anything incriminating on your credit card bill, and your financial information is totally safe. They also do a great job of keeping the number of scammers on the site to a bare minimum, and are constantly removing the few bogus profiles that slip through.


Basic membership is free, but you’ll want to spring for the paid tiers. They start at just $29.95 a month, and they’re worth every penny.

Results Summary

When you’re trying to meet & hookup with married women, you have to realize that they may not always be able to meet up when you can. This is exactly why we want to make sure you understand the importance of being patient and taking your time on We ran our test for just about 6 months in 5 major cities. In all cases our testers were able to meet and hookup with married woman. Just don’t expect it to be right away. This is a great hookup site, and most of the active men get laid.

Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester 1Age: 31Dallas, Texas 97 12 6
Tester 2Age: 35Los Angeles, California 112 21 9
Tester 3Age: 29Temple, Arizona 81 19 14
Tester 4Age: 30Las Vegas, Nevada 91 10 4
Tester 5Age: 36New York, New York 114 23 15

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