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adult-singles-reviewthThe feeble and pathetic design aesthetics of Adult Singles was a big clue that nothing great was going to come out of the experience for the men who signed up to test the site, but we went through with it anyway, because in order to give a fully informed opinion about the best and worst places to find affairs online, the only way to be certain is by becoming a member. Otherwise, it’s all just heresy. So we shelled out the money and our testers set up profiles. Here’s what happened next:

The Initial Profile Picture Scan

All five of our testers reported that hours of cruising the profile pictures on Adult Singles made them cringe. One of our guys said that if this had been his first experience with finding affairs online, he would have sunk into a pit of despair, because the site gives you the impression that the only women to be had are fat, ugly, or both. They came across an occasional cutie, but sometimes had to look at dozens of hideous women before they found a single one that was easy on the eyes. We’re not talking average, run of the mill, plain Jane types. We are talking flat out, bottom of the barrel, U.G.L.Y. If it wasn’t so awful, it would almost be impressive to see that many nasty women all in one place.

And Then They Actually Read the Profiles…

After searching through the photos, the guys went back and actually read the profiles… and this is when they really started to scratch their heads and wonder what was up. Either the entire Adult Singles site is a poorly planned con, or it is simply full of the world’s worst scam artists. Typically, fake profiles are meant to entice men into clicking on them in order to somehow convince them to part with their money. They accomplish this by stealing pictures of incredibly hot women. Because really, why on earth would a con artist think, “Hey, I know! I’ll steal pictures of butt ugly chicks! That’ll lure in the stupid men!”? But it would seem that this is exactly what is going on here. Reading through the profiles of women located in the U.S., a few things become immediately clear. #1 Whoever wrote the profile doesn’t speak English very well. #2 Many of the profiles are either identical or clearly written by the same author. This was true of almost every single profile on the site.

No One Responds to Complaints

We tried to cut our two month membership short, because after a couple of days our testers had seen everything they needed to see. They knew with absolute certainty that there was no way in hell they would want to hook up with any of the women from this site, even if they were real, which none seemed to be. So of course they weren’t at all surprised when they sent complaint emails, asking for a refund, and no one ever responded. If there was any justice in the world, the site would be shut down, but unfortunately, they’ll probably just keep making money from unsuspecting men who will never get the results they’re hoping for.

Don’t Give This Site a Cent

Nothing pisses us off more than seeing guys getting ripped off by lousy casual sex sites. We might not have the power to get them shut down, so the best we can hope for is to warn as many men as possible. Our biggest hope is that our crappy experience on Adult Singles will save you from ever giving this site a cent.

Don't Get Scammed

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